100 Word Challenge/ Title: Lets Go Fishing /

In The Morning At 5:00 o’clock i woke up then getting dressed, i went outside, it was as cold as Antarctica, i went there in 2017 in October i wonder why i went there. Driving to the docks besides the factory is where i go fishing all the time. i arrived at the docks iĀ  find my favorite spot where i fish all the time with my old fishing rod. I arrived at the cold deserted docks as i arrived it said NO TRESPASSING! It was full of cars i couldn’t fish a boat was holding heaps of cars ! I was Furious.

100 word challenge (”… …then the crowd erupted with laughter… “) The Worst Show

”… …then the crowd erupted with laughter… “As is i stuffed up my show at the concert. I suddenly realized i did. I ran of the stage and got on the bus and i drifted away from the misery. then the crowd erupted with laughter again and again. Ouch the show ended a teared up. Proud by mistreated yearning. as i made my way of stage down stairs the bottom of the stage was full of waves and fear i couldn’t get down i had to continue doing my show. Then i felt a swizz. i woke up on stage in a duck costume.So Humiliating Why?

100 word challenge (“…then it began…”) The Characterlompics

“…then it began…” the start of the characterlompics, There was many people from Banjo-kazooie to Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, King K rool , Diddy Kong and Bowser.Ā  Today they will be competing in 2020 Smash bros Mayan kickball Champions for the crown as the top best smash bros kickball player. As soon as we started king k rool crashed through getting the first goal. Then we see banjo k teasing the players and getting a cheeky goal then bowser got the ball and pumped it in getting his goal he lost and Mario Won the championships. Luigi came secondĀ and banjo kazooie third and donkey KongĀ fourth.

Polar Island / polar bear,car, and man/ Character=Max 322 words

Max was Driving In My Ute in Polar Bear Island i was swerving on the snowy path road i was half way their to the supermarket and i had half fuel. Max Was Mad because the road was blocked of to the market so he took the detour and then he went down the road and it was covered in ice and snow you couldn’t even see the road.

Suddenly the motor stopped driving he went outside to check the car it time belt was broken. What am i Dan’it going to do my car is broken and i am in the middle of no ware. I Swiftly climb out he car Nervelessly looking out for any thing or anyone.

Then I saw a hidden white figure runing like a dog over to me in the foggy cold air of 1Ā°. As i see a dog type face i suddenly figure out it was a Polar Bear.The bear ran over then we played chase i was at the back of the Ute and the bear was scratching at the Ford Ute.

After a few seconds i fall down a covered hole that was covered in snow then i went down a snow tunnel as i found my self in a bunker with many supplies and tools with everlasting food and then the bear came and he then fell into a cage and i climbed over the cage escaping the bunker as i left the bear for the owner or someone else as i found from down their a can of fuel i could use and a new time belt as i replaced the belt and filled the fuel up i drove of never wanting to go back ever again to the dangerous Polar island.

When i got home i told my friend what happened and gave them advice and now they don’t want to go to Polar island as well. Lucky My Life.

100 word challenge) The Travel ( …and then i saw it )

I am Frank and today we will be exploring Egypt, The great migration. First of i travel to the dilapidated Egypt temples. I explored with the Egyptology people. As we went in a pyramid i was astonished, it was amazing we saw so many ancient pictures, i captured them on my camera. …and then i saw it … it was a toilet paper person, i tried to figure out what it was. The scientist told me it was a ancient mummy we ran out. We got out, i pushed the old ridged door made out of sandstone. we raced as fast as a Cheetah outta there.

100 word challenge (“…then the Elephant delivered his speech…”)

“…then the Elephant delivered his speech…”Ā  I got it in the mail it said their is an ancient Elephant village.

Me and my mate lee the elephant are great friends but on this day he sent a important speech about where the ancient elephant village was. As i arrived at the village i saw an old statue in the old buildings, bottles and cans all over the place. I went in the mysterious house that was not broken down, i leaped inside as quite as a mouse. An elephant shadow it was him Cocophant the legend of Africa and safari. As i charge at him.

The Ancients /100 word challenge/ Gold, Viola, searched, lost, ancient/

As I was exploring the vast landscape,Ā  I came across an Ancient Temple. I found a puzzle to solve. I grabbed the jigsaw and as i completed unlocking the puzzle, I found my way in .

Ā I went in, i was lostĀ i couldn’t find where to go. As i searched for gold or jewelry scatted across the floor, i was very lighthearted.

I found a door, It wouldn’t open as i found out the entry key i accessed the treasure room. I found a Gold Viola that was playing strangely. From outta no ware suddenly a diverse load of Violas appeared.

100 word challenge /A horror story by Angus/ (…that’s when i knew i should run…)

If you Go out In the woods Tonight

By Angus

It was cold as my tap water. I found my self hanging from a tree pinned by as i pulled my jumper of and jumped down i got a old chopping tool. I found the tool on the old mushy grass.

I picked it up to get my jumper as i put it of suddenly … that’s when i knew i should run…

I ran as a saw really creepy dark figure that ran at me as i got out my phone i used the light to guide myself out of the woods. My voice echoed through the woods “Hello” I said in a velvety voice.

Banjo Threeie (5 Final Story) Mumbos River (Nintendo 64 games) The End (100 chall) Video Game Story

As I let Mumbo Louse he didn’t know what was happening. He saw a kaboom and he dropped and fainted, i helped him up and we found a old speed boat outside.

We escaped beside a river as we drove through the river we saw king jingling pet dog he climbed aboard. Up ahead was a mountant it was winter and it was cold.

Ā driving in a old rusty broken down speed boat we set of to the shop that had the upgrade for BOB at Gliter Gluch Mine.

As we arrived kazzoie shot aĀ  stone hard egg at Gruntilda she felt dizzy with bloodshot eyes, we got the jinjos to take here to haven as she was demolished klungo and the crew ghost bobbles, Klungo he was a good guy but then he became a baddie after gruntilda came back and now is good again and zombie King Jingaling the king of jinjos with his pet animal and the dog.

Don’t Forget Mumbo the bone man and Kazzoie the BirdĀ Ā 

After All Spiral Mountant Was Back as its original time tootie and i celebrated YAY! tootie said and i wrapped it up by saying



100 word Challenge Banjo-Threeie=3 (tempestuous) (demolish) ((Box Raccoon Chair Sky Leaf) Story 4 Chapter 4 mumbos secrets N64 based story (banjo and kazzoie (super smash bros ultimate)

Me and kazzoie were stuck in this cold dark room with a box a chair and a dead raccoon that grunty ownedĀ  the sky was very dark out their and we could here klungo the minion crying as grunty said “klungo were gonna be late if we don’t get the upgrade” she said.

Gruntilda is back an here Sisters as they set of in their new drill, and to get a upgraded system for BOB the life sucker as i went in the room with a heap of scratching from the walls i found Mumbo he was tied to a chair and he had leaf and tape on his mouth as we stepped in we let him louse.

Banjo said “guhu” as Mumbo knew who it was from his language.