100 word challenge (…we took no notice of the sign)

…We took no notice of the sign as we ran to the river beside the building and we walked backwards towards a creepy ghost. As we ran to the old car we hid behind it and as we saw the ghost come closer towards us we found a bunker. We went down the bunker. I  found a chest it had a golden sword with ancient writing. Soon as I grabbed it the gold shined everywhere, I used it to escape the bunker and went outside to kill the ghost then slowly i came, I dropped the gold sword and we left.

One thought on “100 word challenge (…we took no notice of the sign)

  1. Hello Angus!
    I am a teacher at Stone with Woodford School in England, we were really delighted that your class commented on our blogpost!
    I can see that you have been working on creating atmosphere in your writing. One of the things we try to do is – show not tell- which means that instead of revealing the ghost to your reader right at the start we try to hint that there’s something very worrying there by hearing a strange sound or seeing a shadow or a glimpse. Then we show the reader how your character is feeling by doing something like wrapping their coat around themselves tightly, or feeling goosebumps rise on their bodies or feeling a shiver.
    I really enjoyed sharing your work with my class – they all wanted to know what next?

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