Polar Island / polar bear,car, and man/ Character=Max 322 words

Max was Driving In My Ute in Polar Bear Island i was swerving on the snowy path road i was half way their to the supermarket and i had half fuel. Max Was Mad because the road was blocked of to the market so he took the detour and then he went down the road and it was covered in ice and snow you couldn’t even see the road.

Suddenly the motor stopped driving he went outside to check the car it time belt was broken. What am i Dan’it going to do my car is broken and i am in the middle of no ware. I Swiftly climb out he car Nervelessly looking out for any thing or anyone.

Then I saw a hidden white figure runing like a dog over to me in the foggy cold air of 1°. As i see a dog type face i suddenly figure out it was a Polar Bear.The bear ran over then we played chase i was at the back of the Ute and the bear was scratching at the Ford Ute.

After a few seconds i fall down a covered hole that was covered in snow then i went down a snow tunnel as i found my self in a bunker with many supplies and tools with everlasting food and then the bear came and he then fell into a cage and i climbed over the cage escaping the bunker as i left the bear for the owner or someone else as i found from down their a can of fuel i could use and a new time belt as i replaced the belt and filled the fuel up i drove of never wanting to go back ever again to the dangerous Polar island.

When i got home i told my friend what happened and gave them advice and now they don’t want to go to Polar island as well. Lucky My Life.

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