100 Word Challenge (…gradually, things started to move…) The Smart Robbery

…gradually, things started to move… I was on the plane that is going to be robbed. I heard about this from my friends, they said that theirs going to be a robbery on a plane, 4.00 in the morning. So sat down as we flew to Los angles suddenly the planes roof came off, lasers were cutting through wires and pulling the plane apart i couldn’t not anticipate to go get in the weird hooked plane type vehicle as they devoured the plane, as i leaped across two meters off the sky i climbed up the vehicle to opening, the hatch, i fell in landing unsurprisingly.

1 thought on “100 Word Challenge (…gradually, things started to move…) The Smart Robbery

Hi Angus
I love James Bond movies and I was on the edge of my seat reading your 100 word challenge. It really is very like part of a James Bond movie. I think you used this week’s prompt very effectively to start your 100 word challenge. You’ve also created a sense of anticipation and tension when you mention that there’s going to be a robbery on the plane. Your description of the plane’s roof coming off and the lasers cutting through wires was really good and then, as always, ‘James Bond’ after some hair raising jumping “across two metres of the sky” lands safely. I’d really love to know what happened next! Well done on a very creative 100 word challenge.
Máire O’Keeffe (Team 100wc)
Galway Ireland

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