100 Word Challenge

I was riding to the house with my grocery’s home to a hay bale. free diamonds, i looked around from high to low side to side corner to corner there was no diamonds or diamond i looked under the hale bale and still was no diamond so i pushed the bale as i went down the street and it squashed the mail box so the only place to look was inside. I dived in towards itchy hay there was a diamond siting inside. I had to devour my way in as i was so highly anticipation to get the diamond that came out fake!

1 thought on “100 Word Challenge

Kia ora Angus. Well done, I really enjoyed your 100 Word Challenge. Your word choices such as ‘itchy’ and ‘devour’ add detail to your writing, which makes it interesting to read. I also like your description of how you looked for the diamonds – high & low, side to side. Keep up the super writing Angus!

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