100 Word Challenge

I was riding to the house with my grocery’s home to a hay bale. free diamonds, i looked around from high to low side to side corner to corner there was no diamonds or diamond i looked under the hale bale and still was no diamond so i pushed the bale as i went down the street and it squashed the mail box so the only place to look was inside. I dived in towards itchy hay there was a diamond siting inside. I had to devour my way in as i was so highly anticipation to get the diamond that came out fake!

100 Word Challenge (…gradually, things started to move…) The Smart Robbery

…gradually, things started to move… I was on the plane that is going to be robbed. I heard about this from my friends, they said that theirs going to be a robbery on a plane, 4.00 in the morning. So sat down as we flew to Los angles suddenly the planes roof came off, lasers were cutting through wires and pulling the plane apart i couldn’t not anticipate to go get in the weird hooked plane type vehicle as they devoured the plane, as i leaped across two meters off the sky i climbed up the vehicle to opening, the hatch, i fell in landing unsurprisingly.

100 word challenge (007 James Bond Story) ( Secrecy falls ) /before 007 no time to die/

It was Tuesday in London 12:31 pm and i was driving around to pull up at my house as i arrive the door was open the place was trashed and then in the corner of my eye where i keep my weapons the secret safe under the carpet and when i checked to see if there were any weapons the only thing that was in there was a computer with a video i opened it with Ernst Stavro Blofeld face saying haha haha there was a message saying open the computer so i got my hammer and smashed it open to finding some coordinates in Arizonian.

100 word Challenge (,WATER, RUBBER,STRIPPED,FROZEN,EXCITED,) The Fish Tank!

it was in the afternoon, I was very excited as i got to go to Sydney’s human and marine pool aquarium.

i jumped in i froze as it was 3.00 o’clock, i checked and checked my surrounding underwater, There was a rubber flipper, for boosting you speed, someone had left it their also it was a stripped colored flipper.

As i swam with one flipper i came a cross a frozen shark a rare species of sharks, i got a old rubber sword to defend my self. I heard a voice reverberating.

The life guard came and got me out of the water, I was Safe?

100 word challenge ( Yellow, Zebra, Smelly, Cactus, Umbrella) The Yellow Zebra

In the African jungle lived a rare species called the yellow zebra, the time was 2:25 in the afternoon and it was a windy cloudy day with a bit of sunlight. He lived near the smelly cactus and had a umbrella to sleep under but one day he was lost as he was looking for food the food he stored near the river as he went over their he was lost because. He went to the wrong location he found out that the smelly zebras that where black and white colored where stealing he’s food by lucky he still had some and he wasn’t scrawny.

100 Word Challenge (…but when I looked behind me…) The Race That showed it all

I was Driving Fast. I’m 4th in the lead with my dune buggy all the other racers had a buggy too. I was racing in the dry warm sand at thirty degrees. The time was 12:25 am. we started twelve minutes ago …but when i looked behind me… I saw it was the doomanater he was one of the fastest ones he would stay back but race for the win contented. He’s buggy had animal antlers, buggy scrapes where you could see the metal shine like glossy stainless steel and he had a very overpowered motor but i raced Fast. i came 2nd anyway He CHEATED!

100 word challenge (”… …then the crowd erupted with laughter… “) The Worst Show

”… …then the crowd erupted with laughter… “As is i stuffed up my show at the concert. I suddenly realized i did. I ran of the stage and got on the bus and i drifted away from the misery. then the crowd erupted with laughter again and again. Ouch the show ended a teared up. Proud by mistreated yearning. as i made my way of stage down stairs the bottom of the stage was full of waves and fear i couldn’t get down i had to continue doing my show. Then i felt a swizz. i woke up on stage in a duck costume.So Humiliating Why?

100 word challenge (“…then it began…”) The Characterlompics

“…then it began…” the start of the characterlompics, There was many people from Banjo-kazooie to Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, King K rool , Diddy Kong and Bowser.  Today they will be competing in 2020 Smash bros Mayan kickball Champions for the crown as the top best smash bros kickball player. As soon as we started king k rool crashed through getting the first goal. Then we see banjo k teasing the players and getting a cheeky goal then bowser got the ball and pumped it in getting his goal he lost and Mario Won the championships. Luigi came second and banjo kazooie third and donkey Kong fourth.

Polar Island / polar bear,car, and man/ Character=Max 322 words

Max was Driving In My Ute in Polar Bear Island i was swerving on the snowy path road i was half way their to the supermarket and i had half fuel. Max Was Mad because the road was blocked of to the market so he took the detour and then he went down the road and it was covered in ice and snow you couldn’t even see the road.

Suddenly the motor stopped driving he went outside to check the car it time belt was broken. What am i Dan’it going to do my car is broken and i am in the middle of no ware. I Swiftly climb out he car Nervelessly looking out for any thing or anyone.

Then I saw a hidden white figure runing like a dog over to me in the foggy cold air of 1°. As i see a dog type face i suddenly figure out it was a Polar Bear.The bear ran over then we played chase i was at the back of the Ute and the bear was scratching at the Ford Ute.

After a few seconds i fall down a covered hole that was covered in snow then i went down a snow tunnel as i found my self in a bunker with many supplies and tools with everlasting food and then the bear came and he then fell into a cage and i climbed over the cage escaping the bunker as i left the bear for the owner or someone else as i found from down their a can of fuel i could use and a new time belt as i replaced the belt and filled the fuel up i drove of never wanting to go back ever again to the dangerous Polar island.

When i got home i told my friend what happened and gave them advice and now they don’t want to go to Polar island as well. Lucky My Life.

100 word challenge) The Travel ( …and then i saw it )

I am Frank and today we will be exploring Egypt, The great migration. First of i travel to the dilapidated Egypt temples. I explored with the Egyptology people. As we went in a pyramid i was astonished, it was amazing we saw so many ancient pictures, i captured them on my camera. …and then i saw it … it was a toilet paper person, i tried to figure out what it was. The scientist told me it was a ancient mummy we ran out. We got out, i pushed the old ridged door made out of sandstone. we raced as fast as a Cheetah outta there.