100 Word Challenge (…they never should have said yes…) The Messy Movie

They should have never said yes, the day I went to play my favorite movie coming out and I couldn’t wait because I am the video maker and I was the video editor they were just asking random people to help with the movie. Pretty weird but I did have anticipation to make it bad so than it was funny so as I started making hilarious scenes and I then realized that they saw it because I accidently showed the movie not done completely but as I fixed it I left one funny part it was the hardest thing to not laugh to hahahahah wow!



100 word challenge (The Polar Bear on a ice Chunk) Polar Village /rustling/

It was Monday evening i was searching for fish near the water and the ice was rustling OOF! i fell on a ice chunk and i went out to sea as i float out i saw small fish and cool ones too i wanted to go in but i needed to stay on land so the others could see me if they knew i was gone. As i sat down i felt tired as i drifted to sleep, I woke up as i found my self close to the village that i go to see my grandma so i saw her she is very nice.

100 Word Challenge/ Title: Lets Go Fishing /

In The Morning At 5:00 o’clock i woke up then getting dressed, i went outside, it was as cold as Antarctica, i went there in 2017 in October i wonder why i went there. Driving to the docks besides the factory is where i go fishing all the time. i arrived at the docks i  find my favorite spot where i fish all the time with my old fishing rod. I arrived at the cold deserted docks as i arrived it said NO TRESPASSING! It was full of cars i couldn’t fish a boat was holding heaps of cars ! I was Furious.

Banjo-threeie (100 word challenge) (Story 1) Based on A Nintendo 64 games Banjo tooie and banjo kazzoie

in the cold night of Spiral Mountain was banjo the bear and his mate kazzoie the bird. So after they finished the witch a couple years later a new boss razed from the ashes Klungo the Minion with a Mission he tried to bring the witch called Gruntilda she was a Nasty witch with powerful crazy thing up here sleeve. klungo failed here so here sisters Mingella and Blobbelda Got the Witch Dictionary with many Crazy Powers allusions and tricks in the book. As Here sister Mingella cast the spell to bring here back Grunty  she used King Jingling life to bring Gruntilda then the sky turned purple and the moon was yellow and the trees all died  she had awoken from the dead.

100 word Challenge (…was this really the only…) Prompt One) Chapter 2 The chase of James bond 007 story

“Mr bond!” said Money Penny

As James came to her she said that the bad guy he  captured had escaped …was this really the only… sign? they found hes car it had stolen diamonds inside as James still had that tracker on him he used to find him.

It was 11:45 AM Saturday 10 minutes later he saw the bad guy hes name was Jaxel mileages after the police gave Money penny got the details about him then James drove fast in hes Aston martin as jaxel escaped driving of to hes headquarters James and hes assistant chased him. “Why did we decide to do this?” asked his assistant. James didn’t reply. Jaxel said “so long fouls!”

(it was heavier than I expected …) 100 Word Challenge

Last night it was storming with big showers of rain, it was heavier than I expected, the town was flooded with rivers that came so high it reached the height of your windows. The S.E.S came to save people in there epic speed boats, they saved lives and animals then they relocated them to a safe place. Some people didn’t survive neither did animals but as they waited the rain soon stopped and the rivers swept away and never came back. The towns people where happy that the rain stopped but weren’t happy that they lost some family but  it made them come stronger as a town.

100 word challenge (bicycle Desperate Yellow Warned Greedily)

In the bike shop there was a Yellow bicycle a robber was desperate for the bike because it reminded him of gold in the bank. So he greedily sneaked into the bike shop smashed the glass took the 10 dollar and greedily stole the money to from the bike shop. Then he rode of on his bicycle he laughed with joy the alarm went of in the bike shop. People thought he was a robber which he was but all he didn’t want was to be poor. He needed a bike to go to places. he was warned by the police before he took the bike but he wounded if he would have enough for a house and food.

100 word challenge (Avocado Bones Purple Elephant Seahorses )

In Elephant island there where purple seahorses that lived in trees they ate Avocado as there diet and vomited out bones for some reason. I thought that Seahorses ate each other so maybe that”s why they vomits out bones. Seahorses do eat other things but people don’t research enough about them because scientist don”t really care about them to because they are not even very interesting. Even thought i find them interesting i don”t know why they don”t find them interesting i mean they are purple and pretty much everything on them is purple also they look like silly monkeys.

100 word challenge (Topic: Cats Tropical, Turquoise, Sailed, Quietly.)

Once in the Tropical sea there was Sea cats. They where always sleeping very quietly in the sea but one day land cats invaded the tropical sea and they sailed across the sea as quietly as a purring cat. The land cats put on snorkels on so they could breath under the sea then they attacked the sea cats. The king sea cat came, the legendary cat that many cats thought it was a myth the legendary cat meowed as loud as giant and all the land cats swam away as fast as a dolphin and got back on there boats and never came back ever again.

…as I turned my head, the world spun… 100wc

As I turned my head, the world spun around me and I saw it with my own eyes and then I had a heart attack. A world of space was surrounding me when I woke up: the stars were as shiny as a cartoon’s sparkly eyes. Noticing a a flaming asteroid coming at me, I tried to move out the way and then I got hit. I came to and saw the world spin around me. “Was it a dream?” I asked myself. Uneasy, I woke up at 1:46 pm. Then I saw the real world with my own eyes and I found it to be a great place.